主催 ACM SIGMOD日本支部
                  協賛  日本データベース学会

日時 11月4日(木) 午後3時〜午後6時
場所 東京大学生産技術研究所 D棟6階 第1会議室(Dw601)

1. あらまし

ACM SIGMOD日本支部では,来る11月4日に以下の講演会を開催いたします.
Daniela Florescu,Donald Kossmannのご両名ともに,データベースの研究分

(ISWC2004)の XQuery チュートリアルでの来日ですが,それに先立つ本講演
術的内容で御講演いただく予定です.前半は BEA で開発している XQuery エ
とのことです.後半はその上位の Web サービスプラットフォームの実現技術


2. 講演内容とスケジュール

15:00 挨拶
ACM SIGMOD日本支部委員長 北川博之

15:10〜16:30 講演1
講演者:Daniela Florescu (BEA)
タイトル:The Making of a Streaming XQuery Implementation
The talk will describe the design, implementation, and performance
characteristics of a commercial XQuery processing engine, the BEA
streaming XQuery processor. This XQuery engine was designed to
provide high performance for message processing applications, i.e.,
for transforming XML data streams. The engine is a central component
of the 8.1 release of BEA's WebLogic Integration (WLI) product. The
BEA XQuery engine is fully compliant with the August 2002 draft of the
W3C XML Query Language specification. A goal of the talk is to
describe how a fully compliant yet efficient XQuery engine has been
built from a few relatively simple components and well-understood
query processing technologies.

16:40〜18:00 講演2
講演者:Donald Kossmann (ETH Zurich)
タイトル:XL: A Platform for Web Services
We present an XML programming language and platform designed for the
implementation of Web services.  The XL programming language is
portable and fully compliant with W3C standards such as XQuery, XML
Protocol, and XML Schema. One of the key features of XL is that it
allows programmers to concentrate on the logic of their application.
XL provides high-level and declarative constructs for actions which
are typically carried out in the implementation of a Web service;
e.g., logging, error handling, retry of actions, workload management,
events, etc. Issues such as performance tuning (e.g., caching,
horizontal partitioning, etc.) should be carried out automatically by
an implementation of the language. This way, the productivity of the
programmers, the ability of evolution of the programs, and the chances
to achieve good performance are substantially enhanced.
Joint work with:  Daniela Florescu (BEA) and Andreas Grünhagen
(University of Heidelberg)

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