☆☆☆  Prof. Yanchun Zhang 講演会のご案内   ☆☆☆

共催 日本データベース学会

日時 12月22日(金) 午後1時半〜午後2時半
場所 筑波大学総合研究棟B1001

Title:  Web Communities and e-Research @ VU
Speaker:  Professor Yanchun Zhang
              School of Computer Science and mathematics
              Victoria University, Australia
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Web Communities and e-Research @ VU
Professor Yanchun Zhang, 
School of Computer Science and mathematics, 
Victoria University, Australia

Due to the lack of a uniform schema for Web documents and the sheer
amount and dynamics of Web data, both the effectiveness and the efficiency
of information management and retrieval of Web data is often unsatisfactory 
when using conventional data management and searching techniques. 
To address this issue, we adopted a web mining and web community analysis
based approach, where web community is defined as a set of closely related
Web-based documents/objects. Based on the analysis of Web document
contents, hyperlinks and/or user access logs, we have developed various
approaches or algorithms to construct and analyze Web communities, and
then to make recommendations / personalization.

The first part of this talk will discuss web community analysis and construction.
The second part of the talk will introduce some e-research projects related
to e-health, e-Water and e-Law/legal information management, and discuss
the experience on these cross domain research collaborations. 

Yanchun Zhang is a full Professor (Chair) of Computer Science in the 
School of Computer Science and Mathematics, and Director of Internet 
Technologies and Applications Research Lab (ITArl) and Head of e-Research 
group at Victoria University, Australia. Dr Zhang obtained a PhD degree in
Computer Science from The University of Queensland in 1991. 
Prof. Zhang’ research interests include databases, cooperative transactions
management, web information systems, web mining, web services and e-research.
He has published over 120 research papers in international journals and
conference proceedings including top journal such as ACM Transactions on
Computer and Human Interaction (TOCHI), IEEE Transactions on Knowledge
and Data Engineering (TKDE), and a dozen of books and journal special issues
in the related areas. 
He is a founding editor and editor-in-chief of World Wide Web: Internet and
Web Information Systems published by Springer, and the founding editor of
Web Information Systems Engineering and Internet Technologies Book Series
from Springer. He is Chairman of International Web information Systems Engineering
Society (WISE), and Chairman of Australia Chinese Information and Communication
Technology Professional Society (ACICT). His research has been supported by ARC
Discovery Project and e-Research grants.  He is a member of management team
of Australia Research Council’s Research Network in Enterprise Information
Infrastructure, and is an external Expert Panel member for Cheung Kong Scholars
Program from the Ministry of Education of China (2006). He received 2005
Victoria University Vice-Chancellor’s Medal for Excellence in Research.  
He is currently a visiting professor at Nagoya University, Japan.